How To Grow Mushrooms At Home

How To Grow Mushrooms At Home

Mushrooms are a fascinating and diverse group of organisms that can be grown at home with a bit of knowledge and the right tools. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener looking for a new challenge or a mushroom enthusiast wanting to cultivate your own, this guide will walk you through the process of growing mushrooms at home.

Understanding Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi, which are genetically closer to humans than plants. They can be grown on a variety of substrates, including logs, coffee grounds, or even cardboard. This makes them remarkably versatile for home growers who can source substrate and get growing depending on what is available to them locally.

Choosing Your Mushroom Variety

The first step in growing mushrooms at home is choosing the right variety. Popular options for home cultivation include oyster mushrooms, shiitake, lion’s mane, and morels. If you’re a beginner, oyster mushrooms are a great option as they are easy to grow in many conditions and quite forgiving.

Where To Buy Mushroom Grow Kits

Here at Kachina Holistics we stock a range of Mushroom Grow Kits. Should you have any questions or need help please do reach out to us.

Preparing Your Growing Medium

Mushrooms require a rich, fertile, moisture-retentive growing medium. The traditional material for growing mushrooms is horse manure, but other options include straw, sawdust, or compost. The type of substrate you choose will depend on the type of mushroom you’re growing.

Using a Mushroom Grow Kit

One of the easiest ways to start growing mushrooms at home is by using a mushroom grow kit. These kits come with everything you need, including an inoculated substrate (the material mushrooms grow in) and a grow bag. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a mushroom grow kit:

  1. Unpack the Kit: Remove the box cover, slice open the bag.
  2. Set Up the Kit: Slide the grow kit into the bag, fold up the bag under the grow kit.
  3. Find the Right Spot: Place the kit in an area with plenty daylight that maintains 18°C-28°C.
  4. Wait for Growth: When the first pins have appeared, change the position of the grow bag and place it upright.
  5. Maintain Humidity: When the first caps have become clearly visible, the bag must remain slightly opened so that excess moisture can evaporate.
  6. Harvest: Harvest your mushrooms when they reach maturity.

Harvesting Your Mushrooms

Once your mushrooms have fully developed, it’s time to harvest. Be sure to wash hands and forearms thoroughly with disinfecting soap, and wear sterile gloves when it comes to harvest.


Growing mushrooms at home can be a rewarding experience. With a bit of patience and the right tools, you can cultivate your own mushrooms and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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